How is a spreadsheet defined?

If you do not know how a spreadsheet defined so here is the answer. 

(A) An interactive computer application for the organisation, analysis and storage of data

(B) A static collection of related data tables that can be queried to locate specific fields

(C) A tool for storing large amounts of numerical data, but not text-based data

(D) A digital balance sheet to keep track of financial transactions

How is a spreadsheet defined?


Every spreadsheet-like google, Microsoft excel is an interactive computer application that is used for the organisation, analysis, and storage of data in the numerical, text-based, and special characters format to defined. 

A spreadsheet can be used for storing data and still the large companies use spreadsheets to collect data. You can adjust the data with the help of tables using columns and rows. You can also use formulas that make your work easy and simple.

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