Our Story Song Lyrics - Baaz Dhaliwal

Our Story Song Lyrics - Baaz Dhaliwal new song is out now. If you have watched his song so you might also love to read the Our Story Song lyrics. I personally love this song so I thought to share with you. If you didn't listened this song so don't worry at the end of this Our Story Song Lyrics article I have shared the Our Story Song Lyrics video so you can listened the video too. so without wasting our more time let's walk through the Our Story Song Lyrics by Baaz Dhaliwal,

Our Story Song Details- Baaz Dhaliwal

Our Story Song Lyrics - Baaz Dhaliwal

Song: Our Story
Singer & Lyricist: Baaz Dhaliwal
Music: Rish
Producer: Pinky Dhaliwal
Label: Mad 4 Music

Our Story Song Lyrics 

Ho umar toh vadke tazarba ae sikhiya
Jo main feel kita gaane vich ohio likheya
Eh meri ni stroy har bande di kahani aa
Jo hun tak mitro struggle ch faseya

Seyaniyan di kahi gal lad banlo muh
De mithe bande toh na koi aas aa

Our Story Song Full Video

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